Giusti Colomba on the New York Times – Giusti 1605
Giusti Colomba on the New York Times

Giusti Colomba on the New York Times


Published both on paper and in the digital T-Magazine, The New York Times highlights Giusti Colomba and its Balsamic twist. 


Thanks to its American success, Giusti Colomba awarded a mention in the weekly newsletter of the T Magazine. The article was posted on the T-List and included in the "EAT THIS" section, a selection of food suggestions of the week.

T-Magazine readers found there an exclusive recipe signed by Michele Casadei Massari, chef of Lucciola, an Italian haute cuisine restaurant located in New York.

Michele proposed to serve a generous slice of Giusti Colomba with warm caramelized berries and a final drizzle of 3 Gold Medals Balsamic Vinegar. 

A simple, yet surprising dessert idea.

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