Our commitment to sustainability

We acknowledge the profound impact our activities can have on the social and environmental landscapes in which we operate. This awareness is the driving force behind our commitment to sustainability. As per Giusti's perspective, sustainability means adopting daily actions and behaviors aimed at creating a positive impact on the environment and adding value within the communities we engage with—including employees, customers, suppliers, and institutions.

The pillars of our journey:


We deeply value our team members and seek to nurture talent within each individual. Our goal is to provide an inclusive, enjoyable, and stimulating workplace where every colleague actively contributes to our evolution, with opportunities to enhance their skills.


Recognizing the necessity of caring for our planet and its inhabitants, we are committed to implementing measures to minimize the environmental impact of our activities—both as a company and as individuals.


We pledge to actively promote the development of the local communities where we operate. We are aware of the intricate interconnection between businesses and their territories, firmly believing in the mutual benefits of a flourishing and growing ecosystem.

Discover our sustainable activities:

Great Place to Work

The commitment and devotion of Giusti to safeguarding and respecting its coworkers, together with the harmony and satisfaction of the team, translate into the official certification of Great Place to Work®. This acknowledgement from the global authority on workplace culture awards the passion, motivation, and positive energy of a team that creates and nurtures an exceptional work culture.

Wellbeing and Balance

We take care of our coworkers' well-being every day to ensure an enjoyable and stimulating workplace. Each team member benefits from monthly meal vouchers, supported by healthcare and an annual welfare plan. We promote healthy birth rates and offer support to new parents by providing a baby bonus for each newborn.
To guarantee the best possible balance between private and professional life, we enable smart working and ensure time flexibility.

Leisure and Education

Team-building activities play a central role in strengthening group motivation and harmony. Besides leisure time, Giusti ensures a path of professional growth through an online course platform and the support of external consultants. We conduct individual interviews and classroom training to foster personal development within the company.

Environmental Awareness

Giusti has implemented and daily follows a series of best practices that contribute to making business life as green as possible. The factory boasts a photovoltaic installation aiming at achieving electric independence. All company areas are arranged for waste sorting, in addition to adopting a plastic-free internal policy. Furthermore, the supply chain is short for most of the raw materials employed.

The Strength of our Women

People are at the core of our corporate development, bearing the brand values and responsible for its growth. Today, 70% of the Giusti Team consists of extraordinary women who passionately dedicate themselves every day to their activity: from hospitality to manual finishing, from customer care to graphic development and quality control. An incredible value added that makes us proud supporters of gender equality.

Our Shipments Go Green

DHL is our trustworthy and established partner for managing ecologically committed international shipments. The transport company DHL endorses a carbon insetting program for a sharp reduction in CO2 emissions through the deployment of electric or hybrid vehicles and an increasing use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Thanks to these efforts, we offset a total of 51 tons of CO2 emissions in 2023.

Partnership with Universities

We believe in promoting talents and developing prestigious schools. In line with this philosophy, Giusti is a supporting member of Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences. We also collaborate with major national and international universities, committing to welcome groups of students for workshops and educational activities, start internships, and support graduation thesis projects.

Customers and Guests at the core

Our vocation for hospitality is the driving force that allows us to passionately tell our story at Casa Giusti, an experiential hamlet rated 4.9 on Google by the thousands of visitors that we receive from around the world. Quality and excellence are our keywords also for the satisfaction of our customers who choose our products every day, rewarding us with a Trustpilot rating of 4.7.

Certified Quality

Our Balsamic Vinegars of Modena and their production processes comply with the highest international food standards, adhering to both IGP and DOP production disciplinaries. With an IFS (International Food Standard) score of 98 and the certification from CSQA (Certification of Agricultural Security and Quality), our products are distinguished by their quality and adherence to applicable regulations.

Support to the Local Community

Giusti clearly and concretely perceives its social responsibility and offers support to the Modenese volunteering association Porta Aperta, committed to contrasting poverty and inequalities. Among other charitable initiatives is the attendance to the Viva Vittoria project in support of women and the donation of a part of e-commerce profits to the provinces in Romagna, which were severely affected by a flood in May 2023.

Cultural Divulgation

Giusti is a custodian of significant historical territorial heritage. Aware of this legacy, it commits to preserving and promoting Modenese tradition through the tourist hospitality activities of its own Museum. Additionally, Casa Giusti hosts yearly events of great cultural and artistic value. Alongside this, there is attendance at the WeFood festival and inclusion in various guides dedicated to food and wine tourism.

Sponsor of Local Sports Team

Giusti promotes Modenese excellence also in the sports field by becoming a sponsor of societies like Modena Volley and Modena Football FC. The support for these outstanding sports associations makes us proud supporters of local talents.