Team Building 2024: Let’s improvise!
Team Building 2024: Let’s improvise!

Team Building 2024: Let’s improvise!


Getting out of our comfort zones. Seeing our colleagues in a different light. Stepping up our game, ironically. Opening up to others to create new bonds. Discovering our hidden talents while having fun.

These are just a few of the notions we gained from our annual Team Building.

This year, we dedicated an afternoon to our people, focusing on the team’s well-being, the construction of new connections, and sharing moments of leisure and entertainment.

Led and coordinated by experts in theater improvisation, the entire Giusti team participated in games and challenges designed to create new synergies in a fun and original way.

Acting exercises, techniques of theater improvisation, and group sketches: we improvised as directors, actors, and actresses, overcoming embarrassment and creating comic sketches that we performed in front of the whole team.

An educational and enjoyable afternoon, capable of getting a smile from everyone and engaging each team member, making them feel welcomed and involved. A precious experience that will help us in our daily company life, where dynamism, unexpected events, and fun are on the agenda!

In this way, we move one step further in our growth path, towards the construction of a more united, capable, and passionate organization.

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