4 Gold Medals - Cubica – Giusti 1605

4 Gold Medals - Cubica

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4 Gold Medals - Cubica

4 Gold Medals - Cubica

€38,00 Sale Save

The 4 Gold Medals is the creamiest and sweetest Balsamic Vinegar of Giusti Historical Collection. It is particularly persistent, with a spicy end and a rich aromatic bouquet that derives from the long ageing in wood.

Must of cooked sun-dried grapes, aged wine vinegar

In acacia barriques, dismissed by wineries

The aromas and flavors of plum jam and red fruits intertwine with hints of honey and vanilla in a considerably dense and sweet product

Ideal with aged cheeses, risotto and ravioli, smoked salmon, fresh fruit and desserts. Perfect for lacquering and as an alternative to teriyaki sauce

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