Ancient ageing rooms

A family legacy of ancient casks


Where Balsamic Vinegar meets wood and prepares for a long refinement

The secret of Balsamic has always lain in the wood of the ancient barrels in which the Vinegar slowly ages. Acetaia Giusti is the proud custodian of a vast collection of historical, centuries-old barrels still in use today in its ageing rooms.

Ageing is the most important part of the Balsamic Vinegar production process: the older the barrel, the better the Balsamic Vinegar will be, as the cask increasingly imparts the aroma of the fine wood and that of all the Balsamic Vinegar that has aged therein over the years.

This is why the heart of our Vinegar production takes place in a characteristic loft housing hundreds of casks which, thanks to a unique microclimate, allows us to obtain the purest liquid extractions.

The Ancient Ageing rooms

Sala delle Vetrate

Located on the ground floor of our Ageing rooms, the glazed room hosts our Grands Tonneaux, French oak barrels for the refinement of our 1 Silver Medal and 2 Gold Medals Balsamic Vinegars.

Acetaia delle Volte

The Barrique room is located on the ground floor of our Ageing rooms and it is distinguished by a vaulted ceiling. Here we age our 3 and 4 Gold Medals Balsamic Vinegars in oak and acacia Barriques.

The Attic

The beating heart of our Ageing rooms. Here our oldest products benefit from a distinctive leap in temperature to age in batches of fine wooden casks following the so-called "traditional method".


It is possible to visit Casa Giusti every day. The guided tour includes the family Museum, the Ancient Ageing Rooms and a final Tasting in pure form of Giusti Balsamic Vinegars. It is free of charge and it lasts around one hour.

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