Family Reserve - Fiaschetta – Giusti 1605

Family Reserve - Fiaschetta

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Family Reserve - Fiaschetta

Family Reserve - Fiaschetta

€12,00 Sale Save

This collection is inspired by the Modenese custom of gifting and sharing the family reserve with relatives and friends.
As tradition goes, these refined flasks, filled with sweet, delicate and considerably dense condiments are completed by hand, sealed with rope and red wax.

Must of cooked, sun-dried grapes; aged wine vinegar

In oak barriques, dismissed by wineries

The aromas of plum jam intertwine with the sweet hints of vanilla, creating a delicate and enveloping aromatic bouquet

Ideal on risotto, fresh pasta, vegetable soups, eggs, fresh and matured cheeses, white and red meats, fresh fruit salad and desserts

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