2 Gold Medals Organic - Champagnotta

2 Gold Medals Organic - Champagnotta

Champagnotta (250ml)
€19,00 Sale Off
2 Gold Medals Organic - Champagnotta

2 Gold Medals Organic - Champagnotta

Champagnotta (250ml)
€19,00 Sale Off

Medium in density, with a velvety structure and a delicate, round acidity.


The organic version of the classic Balsamic Vinegar 2 Gold Medals is a versatile product, used fresh or heated in cooking preparations. Of good density and optimal balance between sweet and sour, it's the perfect ingredient to always have in the pantry.

Organic cooked grape must and organic aged wine vinegar

In french oak barrels named Grands Tonneaux

  • It can either be used raw or heated over low heat;
  • We recommend it as an ingredient for vinaigrettes, marinades, dipping, or salad dressings;
  • It can be simmered in a pan until reduced to prepare caramelized onions, escalopes, or a sauce;
  • Perfect for replacing soy sauce in meat or fish tartare or carpaccio, such as raw tuna or salmon;
  • Ideal when added to raw or grilled vegetables, or mixed salads.

Fresh and fruity, good density, over notes of mature fruits, licorice and black pepper

  • AGING: The aging of Giusti Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena takes place in dedicated wooden barrels. According to regulations, the aging period cannot be shared and indicated on the label, and it varies based on the recipe followed by the producer.
  • ORGANIC PRODUCTION: Production respects the ethical and social principles of organic farming philosophy, such as adopting rational practices for environmental respect and producing high-quality agricultural products free from synthetic substances.
  • STORAGE: The product is stored at room temperature, even after opening.
  • EXPIRATION: This product is exempt by law from the obligation to indicate an expiration date. It is not subject to spoilage, even after opening.
  • DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: This product is gluten-free and contains no animal ingredients. It is made with non-genetically modified raw materials and the only allergen it contains is sulfites.

Our shipments have a low environmental impact*

*Giusti relies on an ecologically committed transport company, participating in a carbon insetting program through the deployment of electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as an increasing use of sustainable aviation fuel.

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