Identità Golose 2024 - Giusti meets the Italian cuisines
Identità Golose 2024 - Giusti meets the Italian cuisines

Identità Golose 2024 - Giusti meets the Italian cuisines


There is no innovation without disobedience: the revolution today”. This is the theme and the narrative thread of Identità Golose 2024: the most important international haute cuisine congress in Italy.

We have interpreted this concept by infusing our Balsamic Vinegars of Modena into Italian regional cuisines, thanks to the participation of three chefs who played with us and revisited some of their most iconic dishes.

The journey began with Milanese cuisine, led by Chef Vladimiro Poma from Silvano Vini & Cibi al Banco. He proposed “Rice Salad with Tongue and Salsa Verde” with our White Condiment. This classic of Milanese tradition was reinvented with an unusual fresh and floral touch, which surprised and delighted the palates of the bystanders.

The following day, Tuscan cuisine was represented by Paolo Gori from the renowned Trattoria da Burde in Florence. Chef Gori presented “Lambredotto Sandwich with Kale and Giusti 2 Gold Medals Balsamico” and “Trifle with Giusti Vermouth and Giusti 5 Gold Medals Balsamico.” The peppery notes of our Balsamico complemented the sandwich, the Giusti Vermouth replaced the alchermes in the trifle, and the 5 Gold Medals Balsamico added an enjoyable sweet-and-sour touch to the dessert.


Finally, our journey through Italian regional cuisines arrived in the capital city. Representing Roman cuisine, we hosted Chef Francesca Ciucci from La Ciambella - Bar à Vin con Cucina. The Roman chef and her team presented “Boiling Meat Picchiapò Style with Giusti 2 Gold Medals Balsamico”, a new interpretation of the dish from a sweet and sour perspective, where our 2 Gold Medals Balsamico was used to prepare the meat and added to the simmering process.

This year, the congress once again proved to be a valuable opportunity to reinforce friendships, create new connections, and introduce food enthusiasts and industry professionals to our Balsamico di Modena.

We demonstrated the versatility of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena by “contaminating” various dishes from fellow producers and chefs, adding our unmistakable sweet-and-sour touch to savory dishes, cocktails, and desserts, and engaging with experts and protagonists from the haute cuisine, wine, and mixology worlds.

In doing so, we have defied tradition, reinterpreted some great classics of Italian cuisine, and discovered new and intriguing pairings.

A big thanks to the restaurant owners who accepted our challenge and to all the friends and producers of excellence who welcomed us at their stands to join in this playful disobedience, proposing unusual and surprising pairings.

Thanks for playing with us!