Complete Collection case - 5x250ml – Giusti 1605

Complete Collection case - 5x250ml

€170,00 Sale Off
Complete Collection case - 5x250ml

Complete Collection case - 5x250ml

€170,00 Sale Off

Born from the same idea of the Scrigno, made at the request of the late Tenor Luciano Pavarotti on the occasion of his Foundation’s charity auction, this collection offers to Balsamic Vinegar lovers a tasting tour of the Giusti’s Historical Collection: five Balsamic Vinegars of Modena of different recipes and increasing lengths of aging.

Cooked grape must, aged wine vinegar

Each product ages for a different period and in specific casks

The unique and particular recipes and the different ages give each of the products of the Collection its own aromatic bouquet to be discovered

Each product has its own specific aromatic bouquet making the entire collection very versatile and perfect for different dishes: from raw vegetables to soft and aged cheese, from risotto to meat, dessert and fresh fruit

Bottle (GL 70): glass. Cap (C/PVC 90): plastic. Bottle capsule: no-recycling. Box (PAP 20): paper. Check your recycling collection system.

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