Giusti at the Venice Film Festival
Giusti at the Venice Film Festival

Giusti at the Venice Film Festival


Acetaia Giusti supports the movie distribution company I Wonder Pictures during the Venice International Film Festival.

The Venetian red carpet served as a golden opportunity to spread Balsamic Vinegar culture by combining the Modenese tradition-of which Giusti is a proud ambassador-with the expressive power of art films.

For two editions in a row, Giusti has been an integral part of the Venetian nights hosted by the Bolognese film studio I Wonder Pictures.

In the 79th edition held in September 2022, Giusti left its mark by crafting an exclusive welcome aperitif, featuring a drink list dedicated to the actors and films showcased at the festival.

During the 80th edition held last September, Giusti continued to make its presence felt by bringing its Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to the table.

Andrea Romeo, the founder of I Wonder Pictures, paid a heartfelt tribute to Made-in-Italy products by introducing four culinary Italian excellences to enhance every festival night.
Acetaia Giusti, alongside Palazzo di Varignana, Sella & Mosca and Ferrarini group, elevated the dining experience at Valentino Restaurant, fostering a spirit of sharing and leisure in the enchanting Venetian atmosphere.

Click here to watch the video-tale of the 80° Festival edition.

Our immersive journey alongside I Wonder Pictures, amidst the excitement of new releases, applause, debates, toasts, and lively conversations, provided a platform to share the rich culture of Italian know-how. It served to show how value, expertise, and success can emerge from passion and unwavering dedication.