2 Gold Medals Organic - Cubica – Giusti 1605

2 Gold Medals Organic - Cubica

€20,00 Sale Off
2 Gold Medals Organic - Cubica

2 Gold Medals Organic - Cubica

€20,00 Sale Off

The organic version of the classic Balsamic Vinegar 2 Gold Medals is a versatile product, used fresh or heated in cooking preparations. Of good density and optimal balance between sweet and sour, it's the perfect ingredient to always have in the pantry.

Organic cooked grape must and organic aged wine vinegar

In french oak barrels named Grands Tonneaux

Fresh and fruity, good density, over notes of mature fruits, licorice and black pepper

Perfect on salads, raw or grilled vegetables, it's also ideal on meat and fish carpaccio

Bottle (GL 70): glass. Cap (C/PVC 90): plastic. Bottle capsule: no-recycling. Check your recycling collection system.

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